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Dead-On Projection For The Huskies' 2013 Season

Due to modern technology, there's virtually no reason to actually play the games any more.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Don't you hate football? It's frustrating, tedious, takes up your entire Saturday, and often leaves you unfulfilled. Well, thanks to the current resources available to us we can circumvent all that time wasting and frustration and get straight to the unfulfillment.

Nerds have been projecting baseball with computers for years, so why not football? Sure, people have been trying to simulate football games for hundreds of years but the technology of the past is nowhere near what we have today.


While it looks like a blast, and that kid is clearly having the time of his life and definitely not wanting to go do literally anything else, things like electric football were more for entertainment that a tool projection. Now, we have football on electronics, which is different somehow. Namely, we have EA's NCAA '14, which we're going to use to project UW's 2013.

You might have seen the mothership's sim of the season, and their results, but we're going to do it a bit differently. See, they did 10 seasons and we're going to do 1. Over the course of more seasons, the teams are going to play more and more to their ranking. In one season, anything can happen. So we increase the variance and increase the elation (or more likely, the frustration). And away we go.

Boise State: L 25-47

Illinois: W 31-24

Portland State: W 31-3

Arizona: W 22-10

@Stanford: W 27-24

Oregon: L 7-20

@Arizona State: W 20-17

California: W 24-17

Colorado: W 30-28

@UCLA: L 28-31

@Oregon State: W 31-25

Washington State: W 34-13

Pac 12 Title Game Vs USC: W 41-20

Rose Bowl Vs Notre Dame: W 34-27

Final record of 11-3, ranked #11 in the country.

It would be quite the season, though I don't think most of us would live through it. 10 of the games are either a loss or decided by one score. Amazingly, these results were achieved despite Keith Price throwing 18 Ints and completing less that 50% of his passes.

So, lock it up. The machines have spoken: the Huskies will be champions of the 100th Rose Bowl game.