Husky Stadium Update - The lights are on!

Just a quick post with a few pictures I found on the Oxblue Webcams of Husky Stadium with the lights on. Should give everyone a pretty good idea of what the Stadium will look like on August 31st against Boise State. I also thought it would be helpful to have a new thread to discuss all things Husky Stadium and for everyone to add any construction pictures they might come across. In other words, I was tired of scrolling through 200+ comments on my iPhone to see the most recent comments!

This picture is from Wednesday evening, most everything in the picture is complete with the exception of a few rows of bleachers and then any team decorations or advertisements.


This picture is from last night (Thursday night) and was taken well after sunset, which gives a little bit of a different perspective.



Still a few words short of the minimum, GO DAWGS!

UPDATE: Adding the picture that Dawgfan22 is referring to. After I posted it in the other thread, Coach Sark posted it on his twitter account. It truly is a beautiful shot of Husky Stadium!