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Looking At The Golden Nugget Spreads For UW's Games

Yesterday, the Golden Nugget released spreads for its games of the week for the 2013 season. Included among them were 10 out of UW's 12 scheduled contests.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Without any further ado, here are the lines Golden Nugget is setting for UW's season:

Washington -2 vs Boise State

Washington -11 @ Illinois (Soldier Field)

Washington -5 vs Arizona

Stanford -10 vs Washignton

Oregon -14 @ Washington

Arizona State -5 vs Washington

Washington -17 vs Cal

UCLA -2 vs Washington

Oregon State -5 vs Washington

Washington -14 vs WSU

Not included are two games that the Huskies should be at least three-touchdown favorites in: home against Idaho State, and home against Colorado.

Now, the thing that may make some of you tear your hair out is that looking at it now, if the Huskies were to hold serve in the games that they're favored in, they would end the regular season at 7-5. But games not played on paper and other cliches.

The Huskies are favored in six out of their seven home games, and the only game away from the soon-to-be-extremely-friendly-confines of Husky Stadium is an off-campus game against Illinois. Just to interject this:


If opponents thought that Husky Stadium was one a tough place to play before (and they did), and that was when the fans were cheering the home team from Port Angeles, what's it going to be like now that the fans are going to be on top of the action? That's going to be a tough end zone to score on.

Some quick bullets:

  • I've seen the Boise State game anywhere from a point and a half to two points higher elsewhere, and considering that the Huskies and Broncos played each other basically even at a neutral site to end last year, the higher line seems about right. Boise also lost a lot more talent than UW did.
  • Curious to see UW favored against Arizona, considering the beatdown the 'Cats laid on the Dawgs a year ago. Most pundits are probably in wait-and-see mode until Zona finds a QB.
  • If I were a betting man, I'd take UW -10 at the Farm. Justin Wilcox's defense matches up really well against Stanford's offense, and that's a unit that lost all of its best playmakers as well as Pep Hamilton.
  • Kind of surprised that UCLA is favored by only two. I'm more worried about them than, say, Oregon State.
  • Speaking of Oregon State, I'm just not as concerned about them as the other teams that are favored over the Huskies, and even some of the teams that UW is favored against. I'm sure they're going to be good, but there's just not really anything intimidating about them.