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The Best Husky Non-Conference Wins: The 2000s

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The third part of our series taking a look at the best Husky non-conference wins of the 2000s.

Harry How

The third part of our Huskies best non-conference wins unfortunately is a short one as the 2000s got kind of depressing pretty quickly for the Huskies, but it does include two of the most exciting wins in program history and an unbelievable win against a national power.

September 9, 2000 vs. #4 Miami

The last truly monumental win for the Huskies in non-conference play launched the Huskies on the way to their last Rose Bowl. This wasn't the 2001 Hurricanes team that might have been the most talented in college football history, but it was close and absolutely overflowing with future NFL talent. The craziest thing might be that the Huskies actually had a very comfortable lead until the waning moments when the Hurricanes cut it to the 34-29 difference.

September 8, 2001 vs. #11 Michigan

One of the most miraculous wins in Husky history, it looked like the Wolverines were about put the Huskies away when Omare Lowe blocked a field goal and Roc Alexander returned it for a touchdown gaving the Huskies the lead and then a Lowe pick-six put it away in the 23-18 win. This would end up being the last really good non-conference win the Huskies have had.

September 8, 2007 vs. #22 Boise State

Hard to consider a win over a non-BCS program a marquee win, but this was the Huskies' last non-conference win over a ranked team and Boise State isn't your run of the mill mid-major program. This was one of Jake Locker's breakout games on a national stage, as he led the Huskies to the 24-10 win over the Broncos who rarely lose non-conference games themselves.