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Dot...Dot...Dawg (6/4)

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Spring sports are wrapping up and the wretchedly beautiful days of the summer are all that stand between us and football. Woe is us.

War Daddy
War Daddy
Stephen Dunn

Question of the Day

Larry Scott, in his press conference, spent a considerable amount of air time discussing the situation with the P12N and DirecTV. Indicating that the odds of resolution were bleak unless the fans made more of an outcry, Scott went on to say that the first year of P12N was "hugely successful". Do you think that the first year of the P12N was "hugely successful?" Also, with no other leverage (especially digital rights) to apply to any carrier (cable or satellite), do you see any hope that the P12N will be able to roll their media out to a more widespread national audience beyond the very limited reach of FiosTV and Dish?

I'm very interested in your answers. I'm looking for hope here, people.