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Jalen Canty Commits To Basketball Or Football Or Something

A 6'6" high school person has reportedly told somebody that he'll be playing a sport for Washington in 2014


Jalen Canty seems to have given a verbal to the University of Washington:

Which is cool, and would kind of make sense, here's his Scout profile, where he's a 3 star player being pursued by Cal and Washington. But then there's this:

Now, I cannot find a recruiting service profile of Canty as a football player (admittedly I did not look very hard), so this is all a bit confusing. Things will likely be made clear as guys like Chris Fetters and other recruiting types can get in touch with Canty, and we'll see just what the deal is.

It might be worth noting that there was no accompanying "WOOF" tweet from Steve Sarkisian.


So, hey, fingers crossed, he could be the next Sione Potoa'e /jokes.

A couple things: the basketball guys on twitter covering this seem pretty adamant that it's not a basketball commitment. There also seems to be a resounding "He plays football?" vibe going around too.

That's Canty himself. Oh. Ok.

Last Update Before I Sleep:

It seems - right now - like he's a two sport guy, which in scholarship terms means he's a football guy. I don't know. The football team is pretty strapped for scholarships this season, and the feeling all along has been that they're not going to really reach for guys. That they'd sign a smaller number of guys, but that they'd be in with a lot of high caliber players. So if they decide to take a guy who hasn't been on the gridiron since he was a freshman well...