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Top Huskies For 2013 — No. 10: Marcus Peters

With Desmond Trufant moving on, the Huskies need someone to step up and cover the elite wide receivers of the Pac-12. Luckily, they've got a guy coming back who looks like he may be able to fill that void.


Marcus Peters wasn't a headline recruit, but definitely a solid get who had his choice of which Pac-12 program he would attend, and it was expected that he'd be an eventual contributor. His impact was more immediate than anticipated.

His trajectory since stepping onto campus has been ever upward. His first year on campus he redshirted, but still managed to make an impact by being named the team's scout player of the year. He opened last season not in the starting lineup, but still in the depth rotation. Midway through the season he cracked the starting lineup and doesn't figure to leave it as long as he's wearing the purple and the gold.

In teaming with Trufant, Sean Parker and Justin Glenn, Peters was a pivotal member of what was perhaps the most improved unit from the year before. As an individual, Peters intercepted three passes, including one thrown by USC's Matt Barkley and another by Arizona's Matt Scott. He also contributed eight passes defensed, 44 tackles (two for loss) and one fumble recovery. Perhaps the biggest pro for Peters last season was that he was sort of the anti-Quinton Richardson, in that his name wasn't getting called all the time for negatives. That's not to say he didn't get beat, because he did, as every corner does, but it seemed like he was beat far less frequently than you'd expect from a freshman.

In 2013, the load and spotlight will really be shifted to Peters. With the secondary being the position hit hardest by graduation, it is imperative for #21 to continue his development and become the shutdown corner that he's now expected to be. Considering the aplomb with which he's handled every obstacle thrown in front of him to this point in his career, it seems like that's the next step for him.