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Midweek Debate: The Pac-12 Schedule

It's the offseason, so everything is being dissected. The flavor of the month has been which conferences play how many games, and what is the ideal recipe.

This man is 0-3 against Pac-12 schools in bowl games, outscored 120-40.
This man is 0-3 against Pac-12 schools in bowl games, outscored 120-40.
Andy Lyons

The Pac-12 plays 9 conference games. The Pac-12 has, for many years, willfully played 9 games to their own detriment and put themselves at a competitive disadvantage as compared to other conferences. It's no mystery why year in and year out the Conference of Champions has dominated the lists of toughest schedules in the country. These are facts.

The other conferences are getting in gear. The Big-10 and Big-12 will both play 9 game conference schedules in 2013. There remains one conference that wants to retain a competitive advantage so that Alabama can continue to win crystal footballs, and then the other 13 teams can use that to claim superiority somehow.

The debate here is not whether other conferences should play 8 or 9 games, because I think that anyone with a brain in their head would agree that all of the major conferences should play the same number of conference games. Whatever number that may be.

Let's assume that in this hypothetical every conference that matters is playing the same number of games. What, to you, is the perfect number? 8? 9? More? Fewer?