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Dot...Dot...Dawg (5/29)

No Oregon violation links, but plenty of spring sports mayhem to whet your whistle.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

And just like that, it was gone. Poof. Dots in the wind.

  • Justin Glenn's short ... very short ... time with the Chiefs is over. He was released in a roster move that allowed the Chiefs to shore up some other positions. I'm guessing that this will be the beginning of a long pinball-type journey for J-Gleez.
  • The Huskies Softball team opens up the World Series play in a noon matchup with Nebraska in OKC. The Seattle Times as a nice preview here if you have site privileges. Also, ESPN SportsNation wants to know what YOU think is the pecking order among the eight teams left in the championship chase. Go vote and Go Dawgs!
  • Obviously, the big news (hey, its the offseason, cut me some slack) is that Erich Wilson III has opted to leave the program and seek a transfer to San Jose State. The coming roster crunch as UW works to accommodate incoming recruits has always meant that the depth of bodies at RB was going to have to be thinned. This is a bit of a bummer as I think a lot of us liked the potential Erich displayed. Still, there were not going to be a lot of touches for him and this appears to be a pretty good move for all parties. Best of luck to Erich.
  • Phil Steele is conducting his countdown as his 2013 College Preview magazine gets ready to be launched. He has reached UW and has them #30 in his overall countdown - a spot ahead of UCLA and a spot below OSU.
  • Oregon.

    there, discuss.
  • The Pac 12 announced their "early TV schedule" in hopes of generating a little offseason news. The UW has three scheduled national games as of now with the Boise State game being aired on the yet to be launched "Fox One Sports" channel. Fox One is likely going to be replacing Speed on many distributors. Since Larry Scott was not involved in this deal, I'm guessing there is a decent chance that I will get to watch this so-called "national" broadcast on the outer reaches of civilization that is known as Memphis.

    oh, and no news on anything with DirecTV ... though I did complain (again) to the network people and got a little nasty-gram back (within an impressive 10 minutes of emailing my complaint) that read:

    "DIRECTV wants to make Pac-12 Network available to the fans who want it. To do that, Pac 12 either needs to agree to a price to make it affordable for all of our customers, as we’ve offered and done with dozens of other sports networks, or allow Pac 12 fans to buy the network separately or purchase individual games on demand. Unfortunately, Pac 12 has refused all of these options. Regardless, we stand ready to agree to add the network if they propose a deal that’s fair.

    For more information please visit"

    There you have it.
  • The Titans started an OTA today and that, of course, was accompanied by a lot of Jake Locker buzz. ESPN ran the obligatory "time for Jake to step up" article (how many of those have you seen?). A Titan blog called Titan Sized ran a more interesting article that addresses the difficulty of the Locker situation given how little the Titans have actually seen of him in action. Regardless, it is pretty fair to say that Locker has a make or break year ahead of him, especially with a wiley veteran in Ryan Fitzpatrick sitting behind him. The implementation of a read-option slanted offense should play to Jake's strengths if he can avoid the big hits and stay on the field. The question as to whether or not he can ever be a pro quality passer is still there and will have to be answered. The NFL is not a patient league.
  • By now you have heard that Desmond Trufant has opted to don Deion Sanders #21 for the Atlanta Falcons. What does this mean? I dunno.
  • No link on this one, but the UW Athletic Department did issue a press release announcing that UW Women's Golfer, sophomore SooBin Kim, has earned second team All-American honors as voted on by the Women's Golf Coaches Association. Kim, who was an honorable mention last year, is the first Husky to recognized with an All-American designation since 2006. She had a great season for the Dawgs winning a tournament and ranking as either the first or second place Husky in each of the twelve competitions in which she played. Congrats to SooBin. WOOF!
  • Finally, the Men's Golf team finished had a tough go of it today, but are still within striking distance of qualifying for match play in the NCAA Championships. The Huskies are four shots away from qualifying, but will have to jump several teams in order to move on to the weekend match play championships.