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Weekly Debate: What Say You of the New Name?

Remember all the hoopla about some playoff that would get rid of the current BCS system? I vaguely remember something about it. Well, now it's got a name ....

Bill Hancock looks like he's debating taking the National Championship Trophy and running away.
Bill Hancock looks like he's debating taking the National Championship Trophy and running away.
Andy Lyons

You remember that whole debate over whether the BCS was the best system for determining a national champion in college football? I vaguely remember it ... something about the BCS being ruled by a bunch of stuck up, snobby, entitled feeling University presidents wanting to keep the revenue and prestige that come from being entitled to play for a national title.

Oh yeah, there was that bit about a tournament in football being around the same time as finals, and that the student athletes wouldn't have time to study? Forget the fact that only 2 teams would be in any danger of extending their entire season a week, or maybe two .... How is that any different from basketball, or softball, or hockey, or lacrosse, or soccer, or volleyball?

So after all the debate, the give and take, the attempted "lawsuits" (My favorite part about the law suit from the state of Utah was the fact that once Utah became one of the "haves," getting lucky enough to be brought into an automatic qualifying conference, that lawsuit was quickly forgotten.),how and many of unsuccessful, one-sided negotiation, consisting of what appeared to be lots and lots of seemingly obstinate strong-arming on the point of the presidents, a deal was struck. Then ...

... nothing ...

For what felt like years, at least it seemed that way to me, the committee designated to name the end of the season playoff to determine the "real" national champion met. The must have been deliberating for hours upon hour to come up with the name.

Well, yesterday was the day we've all been waiting, anticipating subconsciously in the back of our minds. The name has been determined.

Drumroll ... it's time for the BIG REVEAL!!!

The name for the new annual college football playoff is: "College Football Playoff."

Wow. Now that is creative. To me, it doesn't even sound like anyone actually deliberated over naming the thing. But, apparently my observation is far from the truth. The reasoning behind the name shows at least a de minimus effort in trying to come up with something meaningful. According to Bill Hancock, the BCS executive director, the criteria for the new name was the following:

  1. It will be simple.
  2. It will not be cutesy.
  3. It will be descriptive.

The reasoning behind these three elements was apparently for no other reason than the director has seen too many people make mistakes by trying to be to cutesy. Somebody get me in touch with his PR manager please?!

Now the stage is set, and, come come January of 2015, we're all going to be anticipating some of the best college football we've seen in years.

This begs the question ... is the name worthy of such a contest?