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Dot...Dot...Dawg (4/22)

I don't know what you are saying, Jackie.  I stirred the stew, milked the goat and picked the dots.  Being a vegan isn't all its cracked up to be.
  • So, how about that spring game? GoHuskies has the in-depth recap right here...and, apparently, the Defense was the story. I know that many of you were disappointed in not having a real game to watch, especially with the premiere on P12N. However, I'm glad to see that the coaching staff tried to generate some fun for both the fans and the players. The hit-the-goalpost contest among QB legends seemed to be especially fun. And, according to 71% of our respondents, you all seem to buy in to the strategy behind the decision.
  • Keith Price sounded pretty happy with the offense and where it is at despite the vanilla-ish performance in the "spring event". He even went so far as to call the revised offense "scary good". Nice to see this kind of enthusiasm from the unquestioned leader of the team.
  • Expect a lot on Desmond Trufant this week. The PI has a nice piece on the legacy that Trufant leaves behind as he takes the next step in living his dream.
  • Oh, and there is this - the Desmond Trufant Draft Party. If you are in the Seattle Area - check it out
  • With spring camp now concluded, we can all go back to freaking out about Shaq Thompson playing baseball.
  • With all of the controversy surrounding the NCAA investigation into Oregon, Jack Follman put together a "recent history in P12 sanctions" piece over at Pacific Takes. This really isn't an in-depth decomposition as much as it is a refresher course. Interesting to see how Jack put UW and USC back to back in order to set the context for what looks like the nearing of the end of the Oregon process.
  • Speaking of Oregon, former head coach Chip Kelly had his first mini-camp with the Eagles. The players were, of course, shocked by the pace and the RBs came away convinced that there will be plenty of carries to go around for all three of the top backs, including Chris Polk.
  • Did you see the latest Terrence Ross jam? Think a toss from half-court.
  • Over the weekend, we told you about Lauren Rogers representing the GymDawgs at the NCAA Nationals. Lauren did us all proud finishing 11th in the all-arounds. Great way for a great dawg to end her career.


  • The UW Crew team hit the road and, again, dominated yet another great team to continue their undefeated streak after sweeping #6 Stanford. UW Crew may be the most dominating single team program in all of College Athletics. I'm in no way an authority on all the various sports, but who can top this?

  • Another day and another potential habitable planet discovered by a UW astronomer. What I love about this story is that this "planet finder" counts astronomy as a passion that comes only after math and physics. Par for the course for our other-wordly university.