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Spring Practice 2.0 Kicks Off Today

The second leg of spring practice begins for the Huskies today. What were some of the biggest surprises from the first half?

Who will start alongside Sean Parker?
Who will start alongside Sean Parker?
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

1) The no-huddle. While the uptempo offense hasn't been a stranger under Steve Sarkisian, it hasn't exactly been a staple either. It was surprising the dedication they showed to it, in running it full time, practice after practice and establishing it as a viable option for something they could potentially run from start to finish of a game without compromising the depth of the playbook.

2) Trevor Walker. With as many players having rotated in at safety over the past few years, it seemed logical that that trend would continue and those guys who have been playing would continue to do so for the lion's share of the reps. But Walker wormed his way into the rotation and is right in the thick of the battle to be in that rotation opposite Sean Parker.

Most of the surprise with Walker comes from the way that he was talked about by recruiting analysts prior to his setting foot on the practice field. The consensus was that he was an in-the-box safety, whose coverage skills were not where they needed to be for him to be much more than a platoon player unless he developed them. Well, that seems to be a bit premature. If you watched Walker in high school, that conclusion seems to be drawn more from ignorance than evidence, as he seemed to spend the majority of the time playing as an in-the-box safety, similar to Shaq Thompson. It's encouraging that he's making as much progress as he is, but expect Brandon Beaver to lock that spot down once he gets back from injury and up to full speed with Will Shamburger being his rotational backup.

3) Running back depth. This was a position that, at the end of the 2012 season, was really hurting. The two deep consisted of Bishop Sankey and Prayer. But with guys coming off of injuries and redshirts (or both) it is suddenly a spot that has a lot of competition and able bodies through all levels of the depth chart. Nobody is unseating Sankey or coming close, but there should be enough talent that should they want to, the coaches can pound the rock down the field for an entire drive, which is not something they had the luxury of last season.

What are you biggest surprises, or talking points in general, from spring ball so far?