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Editable Comment Primer

Your comments are now editable. Here's the how and why.

There has been clamor for editing of comments across the SB Nation network for years now. And the debate has gone back and forth for why/why not to do it, and how it could possibly be done to appease the demand. The solution has been agreed to, tested out, and is now in practice.

It works like this: once you post your comment you'll have 90 seconds to edit it. After that, it's locked in. So you can change any grammar mistakes, or reword a thought that didn't come out right or whatever. The reason for this time limit is to prevent people from coming back and changing what they've said long after it has been responded to, and effectively changing the conversation or making the responders look like crazy people. It's a good middle ground, and there's even a little countdown bar as well as the number of seconds left at the bottom of your comment so you know exactly how much time you've got left. You can make as many edits as you need to within that window, but once it hits zero, that's it.

Comments are also now collapsible. You'll see the little arrow next to each comment, which you can click to make the comment hidden. Previously you could only do this with comments that had a subject line, but now you can do it to any. So if someone posts a huge text block with no subject line or a god that's slowing your computer down, no worries, just click the arrow and you don't have to see it.

SB Nation and Vox Media have been praised for their ability to stay ahead of the curve with the technology of our sites, and this is another example of that. We hope you like the changes.

Feel free to use this thread to test it out.