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UW Dawg Pound Members: What say you?

Can you help a brother out?

Husky fans:  be heard!
Husky fans: be heard!

John B warned me a while back: running a blog is hard. To do the job, you have to be one-part entrepreneur, one-part writer, one-part designer, and one-part babysitter. You have to be a social media wiz. You have to be a data analytics guru. You have to be an over obsessed sports fan. You have to have an endless pool of inspiration to draw upon and you have to have an even more endless pool of free time to borrow from. You have to have a real job because this one doesn't pay. You have to give other things up.

But, it is worth it when it all comes together because the result is the creation of a community of diverse people who have at least a single common interest. It is this common thread that we try to build upon in order to create a community that self-propels itself and adds to the greatness of being a Husky fan.

Several seemingly unrelated events are all having an impact on this blog. Things like the advances in the SB Nation technical platform, the emergence of the new Pac 12 (and the digital media being produced from it), the retirement of John B, the new pay-for-access scheme at the Seattle Times and the increase in interest in blogging as a platform to build careers upon are all affecting the membership base of this blog.

Don't believe me? All you need to do is look at the staff of the blog: a long-time Husky fan and Seattle-based high-tech wizard, a hard core Seattle fan and disciple of the new wave of sports analytics, a "starving artist" student and aspiring sports journalist, a Memphis-based medical technology executive ... all united in a common interest, but all coming to it from a different background and a different point of view.

Over the next several months, we will be delivering to you a refreshed UW Dawg Pound experience - one that is mission-driven and tuned better to the needs and interests of the preponderance of our members. We make this commitment not as business people trying to eke out better margins, but as volunteers who want to continue to enrich the environment that we all share.

Please help us take that first step by responding to the 10-question survey below. If you care to leave non-anonymous and direct qualitative feedback, please do so in the comments thread.

And, thank you - for taking the survey and sharing your time with all of us in the Pound.

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