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A special Dots package to honor Coach Harshman.

Always a winner and ever a Dawg.  Attaway Coach!
Always a winner and ever a Dawg. Attaway Coach!
Like a waterfall, it was powerful enough to carve the earth, beautiful enough to alight the heart and graceful enough to return quietly back to the sea once the voyage was complete. 
  • Husky faithful, and Northwest basketball fans from all corners of the region, lost a true legend and a great gentleman with news that 95 year old Marv Harshman had passed on. Kirk, a true aficionado of Husky history, has been busy capturing his thoughts this weekend both with a quick Bio on the famous coach, and then with a substantial reflection on the legacy that he leaves behind. These are great articles and I'm very appreciative to Kirk for taking the time to pull them together.

    Coach Harshman and Coach Romar at the dedication of Marv Harshman Court in 2008. via

  • Marv's history as a sports figure in the region predates his time as UW's Men's Basketball Coach and, in fact, predates his participation as a basketball coach. Marv had said that football was his first love and, as David Eskenazi wrote last year, he was quite accomplished in it. This article is a great read and definitely worth a look.

    Harshman was a sought after prospect - in football - when he came out of school; via

  • Gregg Bell with a very poignant piece on the reaction of the basketball world to the sad news including some touching recollections from Marv's son, Dave Harshman.

    Coach Harshman coaching up a young Detlef Schrempf via

  • The passing of Marv Harshman on the same day as his good friend, Frosty Westering, is as unlikely as it is apropos. Jerry Brewer captured the moment perfectly.
  • Bud Withers pays tribute to the great Husky coach who earned his Hall of Fame status as a Washington state legend through his years in Seattle and in Pullman.
  • Twitter, as expected, was buzzing with thoughts on the passing of the coach

  • Eric Angevine has a short piece on Coach Harshman noting that he was, in fact, the last coach to win a game against John Wooden. A piece of inane trivia that I imagine has come up in conversations between the two gentlemen wherever they are right now.
  • This is an older article on Coach Harshman, but this Dan Raley piece touches on the friendly rivalry between Coach Harshman and Coach Wooden in addition to providing for some fantastic quotes.

    John Wooden, Pete Newell and Marv Harshman via

  • Todd Dybas hits on the importance of developing relationships in Coach Harshman's philosophies for life and basketball. Some great quotes from Romar, among others, in this piece.
He just loved people.  And people loved him. 
-- Dave Harshman


Coach Harshman - who never refused a kiss - at the dedication of Marv Harshman Court in 2008.