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Mid Week Debate: What Are The Huskies' Chances Of Landing Aaron Gordon?

The top prospect will be making his decision one week from today. Where do you peg UW's odds of securing his commitment?

The rumor mill seems to be churning out that Gordon is down to 3 Pac-12 schools: Washington, Arizona and Oregon. Various reports have had Arizona the favorite, some have speculated that Oregon's surprising season has them with the leg up, and yet others claim that Lorenzo Romar's relationship with Gordon could be the tipping factor. Kentucky seems to be out of it, be would anybody in their right mind ever discount the, um, "influence" that John Calipari and Worldwide Wes can have over a teenager?

UW's own Eldridge Recasner claimed that Gordon to Arizona was a done deal with this tweet:

However, there are as many reasons to dismiss that claim as to believe it. There may in fact be a consensus forming that Arizona's run in the tournament combined with their tradition has them in front, but Gordon seems to be playing it all very close to the vest. One thing that the Huskies have going for them, is that if they should lose him, it won't be because Romar was outworked, as he's said to be recruiting the star harder than anyone.

So, come April 3rd, what hat (or whatever michegas he goes with) do you think Gordon dons? What percentage are you giving the Huskies of being the victors in the AG sweepstakes?