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Pac-12 Tournament Round 2: Huskies vs Ducks Gamethread

The Huskies are looking to advance to the semifinals by beating the rival Ducks for the first time this year.

Jeff Gross

The Dawgs dropped the first two games of the series 76-81 and 52-65. They had their chances to win both, but as has often been the case this year for this this team they were unable to play an entire game with consistently and did not get the desired result.

Oregon hasn't played in a week and the Huskies were at it last night, so the Huskies may have a little more freshness in their legs. They could potentially jump out to a bit of a lead as Oregon dusts off a couple of cobwebs, but if they have a lapse like they did last night then they have no chance. Oregon is too good a team to beat if you give up 29* straight points like they did against WSU.

TV Info: EspnU and ESPN3

Winner gets the Cal/Utah winner.