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Austin Seferian-Jenkins Reportedly Cited For DUI

Very little is actually known yet as to what actually happened, but it appears that -- at the least -- UW's All American tight end made a very poor decision last night.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Word hit early today that Austin Seferian-Jenkins was involved in some sort of incident last night. Not long after, it was reported to be a DUI by the Seattle Times.

Steve Sarkisian released this statement:

"Austin made decisions that fall short of our expectations for student-athletes who represent the University of Washington. He will be disciplined internally in accordance with team and departmental policies. We will continue to support Austin throughout this process, while also holding him accountable and responsible for his actions."

It is far, far too early to speculate about just what exactly Austin is guilty of, what possible repercussions this may have for him, how this will affect the team, and how this will affect the season. Because of Austin's being a minor the scale of what this could actually be is pretty vast.

The best course of action for fans right now is to wait until the facts come out before condemning the kid or playing the role of chicken little.