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Signing Week Debate - Grade The Class

With the 2013 class in the books, it's now time to evaluate and scrutinize it.

Here's a quick and dirty rundown of the Huskies class, and for simplicity's sake we'll use's rankings.

8 players rated 4 Stars

13 players rated 3 Stars

1 player rated 2 Stars

The breakdown by position is as such:

1 QB: 4 Star Troy Williams

1 RB: 4 Star Lavon Coleman

3 WR: 4 Star Damore'ea Stringfellow, 4 Star Darrell Daniels, 4 Star John Ross

1 TE: 3 Star David Ajamu

3 OL: 3 Star Dane Crane, 3 Star Andrew Kirkland,2 Star Coleman Shelton

2 DT: 4 Star Elijah Qualls, 3 Star Andrew Basham

2 DE: 4 Star Jojo Mathis,3 Star Marcus Farria

2 MLB: 3 Star Azeem Victor, 3 Star Sean Constantine

2 OLB: 3 Star Connor O'Brien, 3 Star Keishawn Bierria

1 S: 3 Star Trevor Walker

3 CB: 4 Star Jermaine Kelly, 3 Star Patrick Enewally, 3 Star Kevin King

1 K: 3 Star Cameron Van Winkle

So with all that in the books, how do you rate this class, and why do you feel the class deserves that grade?

What, in your eyes, are the strengths of the class, and what are the weaknesses?

Who is the gem of the class?

What could they have done to improve their ranking?

Any other thoughts or feelings?

Discuss in the comments.