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Signing Day Thread

This is your location to discuss all the goings on of signing day

The player capsules will be up in the Signing Day Storystream, but commenting on them might get a little chaotic with perhaps as many as 25 players committing to the Huskies, and those threads coming pretty fast and furious at times. So here is a central location to discuss all things.

If you haven't already, check out , it's a pretty slick setup, and they've already got their previews for the two players already in school - Troy Williams and Trevor Walker.

Speaking of Troy Williams and Trevor Walker, here are our previews of them in case you missed them:

Troy Williams

Trevor Walker

I'll also try to add links to the commits here as the day goes along, as well as in the comments below.

Stories will also be tweeted:

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Some times to keep your eye on:

Robinson twins are supposed to announce at 6:45 AM. Yes, AM, not a typo.

Daeshon Hall is supposed to commit at 8:30 AM.

EDIT: Hall may now be announcing at 7:30 AM.

Eddie Vanderdoes has a press conference at his school at 5:15 PM.

Nico Falah will be announcing at 6:00 PM.

Gamethread rules apply: swearing is allowed (encouraged?), but keep it civil and remember that these are kids making important decisions, so act appropriately.

And as always, Go Dawgs.

Marcus Farria:

Elijah Qualls:

Azeem Victor

John Ross

Andrew Kirkland

Darrell Daniels

David Ajamu

Cameron Van Winkle

Coleman Shelton

Jojo Mathis

Demore'ea Stringfellow

Andrew Basham

Kevin King

Dane Crane

Connor O'Brien

Patrick Enewally

Lavon Coleman

Keishawn Bierria

Jermaine Kelly

Sean Constantine