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Marcus Farria Is A Husky - 3 Star DE, Centennial HS AZ

Marcus Farria, Defensive End

Height: 6-4

Weight: 230

Rankings: 44 Scout 3* / 23 Rivals 3* / 12 (247) 4*

Offer sheet: Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Colorado, Notre Dame, Oregon State


If you listen to the chatter about Marcus Farria, your head will spin in circles. He's a 3 star recruit, but some people are saying that he may be the best player coming out of Arizona this year. And Arizona has some pretty big hitters coming out of there this year. So what's the deal? Well some say there may be eligibility concerns about him, but even still, you should rank a player by his skills and not what he does off the field. And based on his on-field credentials, Farria might be not only the most underrated player west of Texas, but one of the top players on the West Coast, period.

Farria has the raw skills to come in and compete for playing time immediately; the problem he's going to run into is not just that UW has returning depth on the edge of their defensive line, but also that there are are some other players on the defensive line coming in with him that he'll have to contend with. Either way, it's a plus for the Huskies: if he plays its not out of need, it's because he's a special talent, while if he doesn't it's likely because the guys ahead of him are simply ahead of him and he'll get the time in the weight room and on the scout team that he needs.

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