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Signing Day Predictions

Robinson Twins:

Kirk: Call it a hunch, call it optimism - I think these are the guys that the UW flips on Signing Day. The UW had always been strong players for the pair, and they never stopped recruiting them even after they committed to Oregon. When Kelly left and they opened things up, Tosh & Co. pounced. I think LoRo might be the secret weapon here to pry them away from the Ducks. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 60%

Cassino: I've got a good feeling about them as well. You can never discount the affects of one coaching staff leaving as well as getting the last visit with a recruit. The Huskies have both going in their favor, but I think with the twins sounding to be split on their decision they may ultimately revert to their initial commit and stay with the Ducks. I also think that with many Oregon commits jumping out of their boat that these kids are going to be the top priority for Mark Helfrich right up until the faxes are coming through. 40%

Keishawn Bierria:

Kirk: He's going to pick Washington. He's waiting to Signing Day to say it for sure, but all indications are it's just a formality at this point. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 95%

Cassino: That he nearly committed when he was on his visit indicates that the Huskies are in the driver's seat. He probably wanted to go home and talk things over with his family, but for him to choose somewhere else would be a shocker. 95%

Eddie Vanderdoes:

Kirk: I'm going to say Alabama. It's hard to know for sure - many think he won't leave the West Coast and that UCLA is the likely destination, but I think he's going to be swayed by the phenomenal success of the Tide under Saban and the way they physically develop their players. I don't think the UW is out of the picture like Bud Elliott does, and I don't have a strong sense of where he'll go - I wouldn't be shocked if Tosh was able to convince him to pick the UW - but I'm guessing it's a longshot. UW's chances (out of 5 finalists): 15%

Cassino: With the big splash that Sark, Lupoi and Sirmon were able to make last year at this time I'm not going to count them out of anything. I think the Huskies are in this one more than they are being given credit for. UCLA is still the definite favorite, but I think UW is #2 behind them, and a Vanderdoes commit wouldn't be a huge shock to me. 33%

Myles Jack:

Kirk: I think he's going to stick with UCLA. He's under tremendous pressure to stay local, but Washington hasn't been his home for more than a few years and he's been firm with his UCLA commitment since he made it back in June. If he'd been a part of the unofficial visitors list the weekend I'd feel differently, but the word is he wasn't. I think there's still a possibility he flips, but I'm a lot less confident of that than I was a month ago. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 20%

Cassino: Jack has been with UCLA all the way, and as much as Washington fans wanted to believe that they'd be able to us the home court advantage to sway him, it never seemed to take. That he didn't come out on an unofficial last weekend was the nail in the coffin for me, and I'd be floored if he actually did end up flipping. 5%

Lavon Coleman:

Kirk: Unless he just doesn't have the grades for the UW, he's a Husky. The trip to Fresno State was either a backup plan if his grades don't turn out, or him taking a trip for fun and out of some obligation because the Bulldog coaches had pursued him for so long. But I don't see them flipping him from an upper-tier Pac-12 school UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 95%

Cassino: Pac-12 schools don't lose guys they want to non-BCS programs. It just doesn't happen. This is a lead pipe lock. 99%.

Daeshon Hall:

Kirk: This one is a nail-biter, but I think the Huskies hang on to his commitment. He's clearly very enamored of the brand of football played in Texas, and if it's true he visited TCU unofficially this weekend, that's a bad sign. He was also feeling Texas A&M, but reportedly is concerned that they are about to land another stud DE in Torrodney Prevot. In the end I think it'll be too difficult for Hall to break bad news to Tosh, and I believe more of his family resides in Seattle than Texas, but waiting for his LOI will be nerve-wracking. UW's chances (out of 3 finalists): 40%

Cassino: Hall is clearly dealing with some forces pulling at him. Texas A&M is an alluring landing spot for players, especially those already in Texas. That he didn't go to TCU this weekend would seemingly eliminate them from contention, and there's been a lot of chatter about him sticking with the Huskies. I think he will because of his desire to return to where he calls home and to not go back on his initial verbal. 75%

Nico Falah:

Kirk: I think Falah ends up sticking with USC. I thought the UW had a good chance of flipping him, but the news that he & his folks didn't visit unofficially this weekend leaves me a lot less optimistic. He's a kid that has had a lot of fun playing to both fanbases on Twitter and it's almost impossible to get a true read on him from his tweets, but I suspect that his parents win out and he sticks with the Trojans, though I still think the UW has a shot. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 33%

Cassino: Who the heck knows with this guy. He loves getting the reactions from the USC and UW fanbases on twitter, and he plays them really well. Him not visiting with his parents would have put me in the lower percentages, except that he's set up an announcement, which is curious. There have been so many rumors swirling about his eventual flip from USC, and sometimes there are truths in those rumors. 60%

Patrick Enewally:

Kirk: I think he'll probably end up at Cal. He's had a very strange recruitment. He's reportedly been a silent commit to both UCLA & UW for long stretches, and both coaching staffs have grown tired of him not making a firm, public commitment. UCLA pulled back a few weeks ago, and the UW did the same this weekend after he failed to keep a promise to commit on Ruth's podcast show. Cal is likely the recipient of his indecisiveness, though their coaching staff too has reportedly been frustrated by him. It's not out of the realm of possibility that the UW reaches out to him again one last time, but I'm guessing they'll hold firm. He's talented, but might not have the best head on his shoulders. UW's chances (out of 2 finalists): 20%

Cassino: I'd put him at Cal as well. I think that with how well the visit with the Robinson twins went the coaching staff is probably done with the Enewally circus. With space in the class getting as tight as it is and already having Trevor Walker in class it doesn't seem worth it to spend the effort on him when it could be used elsewhere. 10%

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