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Huskies Beat Sun Devils 68-59

The Huskies responded to the UA stinker by playing one of their most well-rounded games of the year.


The Huskies at one point held a 13 point lead. They tried oh so hard to give it away, but were able to weather ASU's comeback attempt thanks to a couple of big shots by Abdul Gaddy and Scott Suggs.

Suggs was on fire early, hitting 4 of his first 5 for ten points. After he knocked down his second three pointer, Lorenzo Romar -- in his infinite wisdom -- decided to pull him. What? Suggs had 10 of Washington's 19 through that point in that game. Why would you ever take out a guy who clearly has a hot hand? When Suggs came back into the game later, his next shot was a missed layup and he didn't score again in the first half. What school of coaching is this, and how do I burn down the campus?

Gaddy had one of his more efficient nights as a Husky. Put up a nice stat line of 13/7/5 on 9 shots, but perhaps most impressively (and importantly) he capped it by playing turnover free. Combine that with Andrews' 11 points and 4 rebounds and also no turnovers, and it was the best point guard play we've seen in a long time from this team.

The interior defense was mostly atrocious. Ruslan Pateev was able to somehow get dunk after dunk. Ruslan Pateev! The Huskies had Shawn Kemp Jr. to respond in kind though.

The Dawgs were very active on the offensive glass, giving themselves a bunch of second chance points and did a good job of preventing the same from the Sund Devils. They also turned the ball over only 6 times.

C.J. Wilcox had a terrible first half where he missed all 5 of his shots and got blocked on a couple jumpers. His second half wasn't much better. Maybe he was forcing things, but luckily the rest of the team shot well enough to cover his off night.