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The Huskies Have Given Up, Lose To Arizona 70-52

This is a team that doesn't care. They don't play with any passion, don't play with any cohesion, and seem pretty clueless in all aspects.

This is what a good team looks like.
This is what a good team looks like.
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The fans checked out on this team a long time ago. Now, it appears as if the team has checked out on itself.

This team has no idea what it's doing in any aspect of the game of basketball. There are things that you can do to stay competitive if you're not shooting well, or if you don't have talent to match your opponent: You get back on defense. You work the ball patiently to try and get good shots. You slow the game down. The Huskies did none of these things, in fact they did the opposite of all of them.

The biggest indictment of this team is that defense -- which has been a hallmark of Lorenzo Romar's teams -- has all but disappeared. The players are routinely out of position, help defense is nearly always late, and the defensive rebounding is lazy. Worse, the two guards on the team -- Abdul Gaddy and Andrew Andrews -- don't seem to understand that it's their job on defense to make sure nobody gets behind them to prevent easy transition baskets. Arizona got runouts and easy layups and dunks basically the entire game because of this.

Simmons and Kemp played ok. Good hard effort, but even then Kemp looked lazy and slow when some rebounds were in his area. Everyone else was pretty shit. Coaches included.

I don't really have anything more to add about this team at this point. Every time you think they've hit a low, they go out a suprise you. If you saw the game, you know that they're not any good, and it's not going to change. If you didn't watch the game, you don't care or you've already given up on them.