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Weekend Recruiting Update - The Home Stretch

The Husky coaches are making their final push with some prospects heading into the quiet period before signing period.

The two big names on campus that Gekko mentioned in his dots are the Robinson twins, Tyree and Tyrell. They're currently committed to Oregon, so if the staff can pull the coup it would be a double whammy of adding a couple 4 star players to the class while really putting a dent in a rival's effort. They're a package deal, and if both don't fall in love with Washington this weekend, they're staying with Oregon. But that's not as big a hurdle as it sounds, because Tyree is reportedly very interested in UW. The word is that all they have to do is convince Tyrell and they'll flip.

There are two players on official visits that do not have UW offers: Keishawn Bierria and Coleman Shelton. Both will probably pick up their offers at some point today or tomorrow, and when they do they'll likely commit.

Bierria is a pretty solid linebacker prospect with speed to defend in space; the kind of player who is all the rage when you're going up against offenses like Oregon, WSU, Arizona, ASU and UCLA. He also played with Troy Williams in high school.

Shelton is an offensive lineman with great size. He's already 6-5 280, and with that size he looks to be a tackle prospect. With Shelton this late in the game, he's probably a "Plan B" guy, but that doesn't mean he's not a good player. His highlight reel (below) show a player with pretty good feet and mobility to go with that size, so he's got the potential to develop into a pretty nice player down the road.

The unoffical visitors list is pretty impressive, but it's mostly just guys who are all set to become Dawgs. The two guys that everyone is waiting on hearing from are Nico Falah and Myles Jack. Falah has wanted to come up to Washington with his parents to let them see what he has, and if they do come up it's a good bet that he flips from his USC commitment. Jack was supposed to take a FSU official this weekend, but called that off and remained home. The staff and current commits on campus will be doing everything they can to get him to take the trip to Montlake from Bellevue so they can take one last run at him.

If you've followed Patrick Enewally's recruiting process at all, it's been something else. He was supposed to go on Realdawg's radio show last night (and likely commit), but he left old Ruth standing at the altar. With his unwillingness to commit, Steve Sarkisian and staff may have moved on. Obviously there's more to this situation than just that, but we'll see where the dust settles. Could make for a pretty entertaining story come February 6th.