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Beavers At Huskies Gamethread

The Beavers come into Hec Ed for a battle near the bottom of the Pac-12 standings

The Huskies are not playing well. They are losing a lot, and frustration and apathy abound among the fanbase. Often, the cure for that is playing Oregon State. After the loss to Oregon on Wednesday, I advocated the Huskies playing a hgih tempo style game, just to see if that may get them off of the schneid. If nothing else, it would be entertaining. I did not realize, however, that the one win in the last 8 of the Huskies games came in the game where they played at the fastest tempo. Maybe it's a coincidence, but I don't care. Give me something to watch instead of the product we've seen over the last month. Anything is an improvement.

The game is on FSN if you have it.