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Dot...Dot...Dawg (2/10)

Flying Hawes, Reeling Romar and Happy Dawgs ... all this and more in your (sometimes) daily Dots!

Let's not get all crazy in here, awright?
Let's not get all crazy in here, awright?
Whaddaya talking about, Lois?  I did what ya' asked.  All that I could find was a bottle of hot sauce, some baked beans and these infernal dots!  Howya' gonna make me a pie?  Dammit all to pieces, Lois.  I toldya' it wasn't gonna happen.
  • Spencer Hawes for the Dunk Contest! Wooo, baby. Where was this during his one, mostly forgettable year at UW?
  • The Lady Dawgs are leaving Hawaii with hardware in hand. After sweeping through UAB and a ranked Hawaii squad, the Huskies come home as champions of the Paradise Softball Classic. Tournament MVP honors go to our very own Jr. 1B, Hooch Fagaly. Congrats, Dawgs! WOOF


  • On Lorenzo Romar and his Huskies - Jerry Brewer struck exactly the right tone, one that he was able to articulate in about a 1000 fewer words than I did with my "I <3 LoRo" article last week.

    Without question, their 13-10 record, their five losses in six games and their incomplete roster are unacceptable and beneath the standard Romar has set. But if you're already putting Romar's buns on a frying-pan cushion, you're thinking in unrealistic and reactionary terms.

    The point of the matter is that LoRo has earned an opportunity to fix the mess that we all must now acknowledge exists with this program. If you read my article last week, you know that I see this as more of a transitional aberration than a terminal problem, but that doesn't mean that Romar's enduring flaws are going to somehow vanish. He needs an opportunity to fix the roster and improve in-game execution so that we can get back to the winning basketball that we've become accustomed to, ironically, thanks to him. Brewer said it best:

    The point isn't that Romar is untouchable. It isn't that there are no concerns about a program likely to miss the NCAA tournament for a second straight year. And it isn't that we shouldn't demand more. The point is, if Romar has taken you this far, doesn't he deserve the patience to make adjustments and redirect this program from good to great?

  • Speaking of LoRo, he had a press conference after practice the other day and said a couple of interesting things including a) he still believes that the Huskies can get to the Tournament and b) he does not believe that the Huskies can win the Pac 12 this year. I'd say that he is being 50% realistic but, of course, he can't really say anything else or we'd all go crazy.
  • Regardless of what you think the prospects for the remainder of this season hold, there is a game tonight. The USC Trojans made an in-season coaching change and have turned the trajectory of their season. They host the Huskies who are trying to shake themselves out of a 5 of 6 games lost freefall and are looking to avoid being swept in LA.
  • It is Grammy night, so why not hand out hardware of another sort? The Daily UW literally stole an idea right out of my head and printed it before I had time to articulate it. I wonder how they did that? Here are their awards for the "Best Of" among this year's recruiting class.
  • Are you a recruiting addict?

    Don't worry, Mason Kelley has your fix ... as in a first look at UW's target list for 2014. Of course, you are going to have to pay for it ($).

  • The format for College Football Playoffs and the construct of the selection committee are beginning to take shape. I expect that this is going to be very relevant to UW given that we are going to be the favorites (in our own minds) to win the P12 outright in 2014.
  • Finally, if you want to have a laugh (as a few of your mods did when we had it on Twitter) at the ongoing shennanigans that the Oregon coaching staff continues to pull on its fanbase, there is this little nugget from Mark Helfrich as quoted on the John Canzano show:

    If this was the policy and it is being "continued", then I'd like to get an explanation of what happened with the Robinson twins. Because, after all, the Ducks are nothing if not consistent. AmIRight???

That's it Dawgs. Go out there and make a difference today. And try to think happy thoughts while the Huskies are playing. It's only weird if it doesn't work.