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Updating the status on UW assistant coaches: Sirmon, Heyward to USC

Taking a look at who is left of Sarkisian's coaching staff at the University of Washington, and who has joined him.

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A big part of the fallout of a head coach bolting for a new head coaching job is the question of what will happen to the assistant coaches. They have families and lives to take care of as well, and may be less willing to uproot their families. In addition,the new university or team may not be willing to pay for the contract buyout for assistant coaches.

While a coach is in limbo, without a boss, as a lot of Sarkisian's former assistants are, sometimes the choice that they have to make is the choice for security. A coach is not sure if he will be kept on staff when the new head honcho is brought in. If Chris Petersen or Doug Nussmeier wants to bring in his own LB coach, why should Peter Sirmon stick around when he has a job offer on the table at USC?

Sirmon left UW Thursday morning to coach linebackers at USC.

Right now, some of the assistants for Steve Sarkisian during his time at UW have gone along with him, some have stayed, and some are in limbo. Who is where?

Most of the concern is in regards to the defensive staff:

Defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox: still at UW in same capacity

DB Coach Keith Heyward: gone to USC

LB Coach/Recruiting Coordinator Peter Sirmon: gone to USC

DL Coach Tosh Lupoi: still at UW in same capacity

Offensive staff:

Offensive Coordinator/WR Coach Eric Kiesau: still at UW in same capacity

QB Coach Marques Tuiasosopo: named interim head coach

RB Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Johnny Nansen: gone to USC

OL coach/Run Game Coordinator Dan Cozzetto: Still at UW in same capacity /sigh

TE Coach Joran Paopao: still at UW in same capacity

What it appears is that the roadblock for Lupoi and Wilcox going to USC are the buyouts in their contracts. USC does not want to pay the full buyout for Wilcox. His buyout is a full million dollars. It appears (same link) as if the USC athletic department is willing to pay for the full buyout of Lupoi ($400,000). What it seems to me is that Lupoi isn't going without Wilcox.

If Lupoi isn't going without Wilcox then the new head coach keeping Wilcox at UW could be even more important. Everyone knows that Lupoi is one of the best recruiters in the entire country, and potentially the best recruiter out west. Losing one of the two would hurt: losing both could be even more damaging. Stay tuned.

I could see Wilcox staying under either Chris Petersen or Doug Nussmeier. Don't forget that Petersen was Wilcox's boss at Boise State.

A lot of people wanted Nansen gone. The special teams legitimately lost UW the Stanford game, so I can understand the gripe. He is a good recruiter, but his performance as spacial teams coordinator left some to be desired. I do believe that the play of the special teams improved as the season went along, but the starting point was just so atrocious that there was nowhere to go but up.

Losing Sirmon is tough, because he, without a doubt, was a big reason why the linebacking corps was so strong this season and last. Same with Heyward on the secondary. Losing both on the recruiting trail will hurt as well.