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Washington's List of Potential Head Coaches: Justin Wilcox

For the University of Washington to not speak to Justin Wilcox about their vacancy would be a massive mistake in terms of due diligence, if nothing else.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Career Path: GA'd at Boise State, then coached linebackers at Cal. Back to Boise State as a defensive coordinator for four years before becoming DC at Tennessee under Derek Dooley. Came to Washington under Steve Sarkisian to replace Nick Holt following the 2011 season.

What's To Like: He's already got an office in UW's football facilites building. Turned a record setting defense (in the bad sort of way) into a solid Pac-12 unit, which continues to improve. Connections to the current staff, which on the whole is thought of as one of the best in the conference, if not the country. Retain recruiting ties to players already committed as well as those who the current staff has been working on for this cycle.

Reasons To Be Cautious: No head coaching experience. Young. Isn't necessarily a dynamic personality. How would he handle hiring an offensive staff?

Why He'd Be Interested: He's already entrenched at UW. While it may be somewhat of a disappointing hire if Wilcox is the ultimate hire, he's very well respected throughout the fanbase. As first time head coaching gigs go, it's not often you get to take over a job that is as set up as well as Washington is right now. It'd be a nice pay raise to just move his office down the hall.

Is It A Good Fit: In terms of continuity, yes. However, it wouldn't be as splashy a hire as most are probably hoping for. There's reason to believe that he'd continue to improve the upward trend that Steve Sarkisian had the program on, and though it may not be as quick a path as most would like, continuing it will inevitably lead the program to the places we want it to be.