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Washington's List of Potential Head Coaches: Doug Nussmeier

One of the early calls Scott Woodward should make in his coaching search should be to a former UW Offensive Coordinator.


Career Path: Started coaching QB's in the CFL. Coached QB's at Michigan State under John L. Smith for three years. Coached for the St. Louis Rams in the same capacity. Returned to college to become offensive coordinator at Fresno State for one year before becoming Washington's offensive coordinator for three seasons. Left Washington for Alabama where he helped win a BCS National Championship in 2012.

What's To Like: Been a coach on the west coast recently, so he still has recruiting ties to the region. The offense he helped lead in 2011 was by many metrics better than the one that we saw this season. Learned "The Process" under one of the greatest college football coaches to ever walk the sidelines. Washington's offense took a marked step backward immediately after his departure.

Reasons To Be Cautious: No head coaching experience. How much of Alabama's success was due to Nuss, and how much of it was the talent he had at Alabama? The same concern many had of Sark was that he was great with 5 stars at every position, which is what Nussmeier had with the Crimson Tide. Would Washington be a stepping stone if he's successful when, say, Nick Saban retires?

Why He'd Be Interested: It'd be his first head coaching gig, with a bunch of players that he recruited. He's familiar with the administration, region, boosters and facilities. He's a west coast guy: born in Portland, played college ball at Idaho.

Is It A Good Fit: Only if you think that Steve Sarkisian was a good fit. The similarities are striking, and while he may have completely different results, a lot of people would be rightly skeptical of the hire.