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Fight Hunger Bowl: 3Q Recap and 4Q Game Thread

The Huskies are entering the final quarter of their 2013 football season. The end of an era is nearly upon us. Recap and 4Q game thread follows.

Bishop Sankey toting the rock in the Fight Hunger Bowl
Bishop Sankey toting the rock in the Fight Hunger Bowl
Thearon W. Henderson

The third quarter started with BYU inexplicably kicking to John Ross who gave UW great field position near midfield.  A dangerous start for a BYU team that was facing the best 3rd quarter team in all of CFB.  BYU almost got UW off the field quickly, but Keith Price, under a heavy blitz, converted a big first down on a brilliant QB scramble to get UW in FG range.  A John Ross fly sweep got the UW another first down and a classic Austin Seferian-Jenkins seam route turned into Keith Price's was his first TD pass of the game and a 28-16 UW lead.  It was KP's 75th career TD pass as a Husky.

BYU had difficulty getting started once they got the ball back as the Husky half time adjustments called for more attacking from the edges.  Three straight negative plays, which included a John Timu sack, resulted in BYU punt.  UW, still trying to buy time for its own defense, immediately went back to Bishop Sankey and the rushing attack.  The plan backfired, though, as an ill-advised QB designed run on 3rd and 3 went nowhere and gave BYU the ball right back.

With UW missing a golden opportunity to put the game away, BYU tried to take advantage.  However, UW's D was up to the task.  Take away a 10+ yard scramble on a broken play, and UW throttled BYU and forced yet another punt.

At this point, the momentum was starting to wane (offensively) for both teams and you could just sense that the game could decidedly pivot to whichever team got back on track first.

This time, it was Washington's turn.  Keith Price, showing some signs of right shoulder stiffness, took back over on the 20 and immediately through a 2012-esque quality interception on a flood route that he clearly wasn't able to throw.  On that play, BYU committed a blatant helmet-to-helmet hit on Price that wasn't called and preserved the interception for BYU.  Perhaps fired up by the penalty on their QB, the Huskies D came on with their hair on fire.  A 3rd down sack by Trevor Walker left BYU to try a deep FG that they failed to convert and UW was in business once again.  But, again, they could not convert more than one first down and had to punt the ball back to BYU.

Our comments thread getting pretty restless at this point.  But the Husky D did exactly what it needed to in that 3rd quarter in order to stave off of the offensive onslaught that you could feel brewing on the BYU side of the field and went into the 4th quarter protecting a 28-16 team lead.