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BYU vs UW: Fight Hunger Bowl Game Time, TV Schedule, Odds and Preview

Lance Iversen/USA TODAY Sports

Where: AT&T Park, San Francisco, California

When: Friday, December 27, 2013
6:30 pm Pacific / 7:30 pm Mountain

TV Schedule: ESPN (DirecTV Ch. 206)
Dave Pasch (play-by-play), Brian Griese (analyst), Tom Luginbill (sideline)

Streaming Radio: Tune-In

Radio: 950 KJR, Sirius 91

Previews: Offense, Defense and Special Teams; the Prediction; 5 Questions


The Huskies and the Cougars currently have an all-time record of 4 and 4 against each other. I don't really know what else to say about it. The Cougars robbed the Huskies of a national championship in 1984, and then proceeded to pound a very young Husky team the following year ... just to rub it it ... poor Hugh Millen. Anyways, the previous home and home didn't work out so well for the Huskies, as they went 0 and 2, and the Huskies are looking to not only put an end the the current losing streak they have with BYU, but also stamp a 9 win season on their ticket.


1 - the number of picks the BYU secondary is averaging per game

3.82 - BYU's opponents' collective yards per rush attempt

4 - The total number of games BYU has had 4 sacks in a single game

6 - The total number of games this year that BYU has been held to 1 sack or less

52 - BYU's total rush attempts agains Georgia State this year ... holy cow

397 - The total number of pass attempts BYU has on the year

617 - The total number of rush attempts BYU has on the year

3214 - The total number of passing yards BYU gained last year

2649 - The total number of passing yards BYU has gained up to this point in the season

1911 - The total number of rushing yards BYU gained all last year

3296 - The total number of rushing yards BYU has gained up to this point in the season ...

What They're Saying

No insults intended; this is really just some gameweek fun ... so have a laugh. These quotes were removed from any relevant context that would give them any logical sense .... These quotes are courtesy of

On the eventual outcome of the game ...
BYU Bowl Game is a Guaranteed Victory ... I'm pretty sure this will be the easiest win of the season for us. Mark my words it will happen.

I just guaranteed a BYU victory tomorrow night - in Vegas just put money on Wash
Pretty safe bet, BYU loses by double digits I'm afraid
I appreciate the optimism, but I think it will be a close one. I think its too close to call at this point.

I would rate it as the 10th easiest game of the year for us, but OK

On BYU's offense:

our offense is unstoppable..... in between the 20's.

Questions Needing Answers


How will the offense respond to a different play-caller? How well did Tui prepare the troops? How well will the offense react to all the coaching changes? Why didn't Mr. Cozetto get a call to USC?


How well will the defense be able to contain Taysom Hill? What about the rest of the run game?


Why do we have to play Cougars two weeks in a row? What kind of energy will this team bring to the game? How many BYU fan, the vast majority of whom are Mormon, are betting on this game like that guy in the "what they're saying" section?


I am super melancholy when it comes to this game. First of all, it comes right after Christmas, and I'm still feeling the after-affects of eating one and a half pumpkin pies ... don't ask. Maybe it's because I feel rather ambivalent when it comes to BYU football. Though I am Mormon myself, I have no affinity for the Cougars, though I went to school there. In fact, most weeks I don't bother to see if BYU got a win or not.

Well, now that I'm being honest with myself, I suppose when it comes down to it, the thing that really bugs me about BYU football has absolutely nothing to do with BYU football. I hate the fact that whenever I meet a Mormon they assume I not only follow the Cougars, but also that I want them to win. When I inform them that BYU's football team could proverbially fall off the face of the earth and I still wouldn't bother to sneeze, I usually get the OMG face, followed by the "and you call yourself a Mormon face," and finished with the "I used to have at least a little bit of respect for you, but now I can't remember your name" face. (for more, check out this post I wrote a couple of years ago ...)

Any ways, this game could have numerous outcomes. I hope it ends with a big W for the UW, but there are just too many factors at play here to give a sensible conclusion. Let me put it another way. Sometimes I get a client come into my law firm for an initial consultation and I can tell them within five minutes what the judge will say if they happen to get to court. This is because I do divorces, and there are a bunch of things that are pretty easy to predict. On the other hand, I could get this client who comes into my office and has the most insane factual scenario plausible that happens to lay in an unsettled area of law ... well, this game happens to fall into the latter category. To put it simply, I have no clue ... not even an inkling as to what will happen. As such, I'm going into this game hoping for a huge Husky victory, but expecting absolutely nothing ... in fact, if both teams somehow manage to lose this game I won't be surprised.

More Info

Gameday Dots
Vegas Odds

The Huskies are 3.5 point favorites in the game and the over/under on the game is as high as 60 (I'll take the o/u if I bet ... which I don't)


Come on over to the game thread to have a little bit of jovial banter with fellow Dawg fans, and the occasional troll. You'll be happy you did. It opens up a half hour or so before kickoff.

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