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Five Questions For The Huskies: BYU

We ask about coming off of four weeks of inactivity, the coaching change, defending a mobile QB, getting over the hump, and players going out with a bang.


1. Coming off of the layoff, how do the players react? Some teams come out sluggish after not playing for a few weeks, while other teams come out sharp and crisp. If the Huskies are the former they'll need another big second half to come back and win. If they're the latter then they have a shot at winning comfortably.

2. How will the players respond to the coaching changes? Will we see a notable difference in offensive scheme or playcalling? Were there things that the previous head coach wasn't a fan of that these guys have wanted to try, and now's their chance to unleash it?

3. How does the defense deal with a mobile quarterback? Taysom Hill is, to be kind, erratic as a passer. But as a runner, he's quite dangerous, and a multi-threat quarterback is the hardest thing in college football to defend against. The Husky defense has been somewhat inconsistent against those kinds of QB's this year; while they contained Brett Hundley, Marcus Mariota gashed them repeatedly.

4. Can the team get over the hump? There's a big difference between an 8 win season and a 9 win season, and beating a good BYU team on a neutral site would add to the idea that this team is continuing to improve.

5. How do the players perform in their grand finale? We could very well be seeing the final game for the most productive QB in program history, perhaps the best RB in program history, and the most talented TE in program history all on the same night. Not to mention a bunch of guys in the secondary who have been good to great all year, a wideout who made big catch after big catch all season, and a linebacker whose play vaulted him into a group with three guys who've earned all conference honors. Enjoy them.