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Budda Baker commits to Oregon, UW was "second choice"

The number one recruit in the state of Washington, Budda Baker, has committed to Oregon

there is no sad picture of petersen
there is no sad picture of petersen
Otto Greule Jr

This one stings, Husky fans. Budda Baker - the top recruit in the state of Washington, and the fourth-rated safety in the country - has committed to Oregon.

Not that it offers any consolation, but the Bellevue product said that UW was "second choice." Second choice doesn't matter at all in recruiting, as Lorenzo Romar being the bridesmaid too many times has caused the basketball team's struggles this season.

Softy said that Baker was told that he could play WR for the Ducks if he wants, which may or may not have been a selling point. One of the major points in his recruiting was that he was told by Oregon that he was not going to be given anything, and would have to earn every bit of playing time that he got, which was something that he liked to hear.

To speculate, losing Sarkisian may have had an impact. How much did Heyward and Sirmon have an impact on his decision? We can't really know that. Baker said that he made the decision three weeks ago, and has used the time since to make sure of his decision. He didn't waver.

Something that has been said of Chris Petersen's staffs is that they have always been able to develop players. It is impossible to develop a player with the athleticism of a Baker, this is a huge loss any way that it is sliced.