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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Petersen Press Conference Edition)

"Life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect. You'd have a chance, at least. You could lie there thinking, "Well. At least I'm not dots."

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Your new coach of the Huskies!
Your new coach of the Huskies!
Otto Greule Jr

It's been 24 hours now since Chris Petersen's press conference introducing him as the new head coach for Washington football, and the reactions have been pouring in.  The short version?  Folks are impressed:

Question of the Day

Justin Wilcox is clearly a coach in demand.  He remains (for the moment at least) a serious candidate to replace Chris Petersen as the head coach at Boise State, and USC is reportedly still interested despite the steep cost of his buyout.  What will be your reaction f it turns out that Wilcox does not end up staying at Washington on Petersen's staff?