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Q&A With Ralphie Report

We asked Ralphie Report about the job Mike MacIntyre has done, under the radar Buffalo players, Paul Richardson, Sefo Liufau, and their prediction for the game.

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Here are our questions and their answers. Check out Ralphie Report for all of your Colorado information.

1. How would you grade the Mike MacIntyre regime so far, and what have been the most notable areas of improvement?
Personally, I would give Coach Mac a solid B+. There have been notable changes and an improvement in the team. The conference wins haven't come yet but the losses feel significantly different than they have the last couple of years. This team is playing with a confidence and an understanding of the fundamentals that they haven't in seasons past and it's largely because of this coaching staff.

2. What are some areas where the jury may still be out on for Colorado's new staff, or that they're notably lacking?
It's still pretty early and Buffs fans are still relatively happy with this season so far but the biggest frustration lies with some questionable losses. Falling to Oregon and even Arizona State by blowout margins is unfortunately understandable but the big losses to Oregon State on the road and Arizona at home are frustrating and familiar and remind us how far this team still has to g

3. Who are some guys on Colorado's roster who are impact players but don't get as much recognition as they should?
He's gotten a decent amount of attention because he's a true freshman but it's still pretty amazing to watch the kind of season that true freshman middle linebacker Addison Gillam is having a remarkable debut. He originally committed to Coach Mac at San Jose State and then followed him to Colorado after a grayshirt season. He's only five tackles short of the freshman record with four games to play. On offense Michael Adkins looks like he could be the future at the running back position.

4. How much impact has Paul Richardson had this season, and what -- if anything -- have teams been able to do to slow him down?
The Buffs could very easily be winless without Richardson's contributions, that's how incredibly important he has been to this team this season. To be honest, he himself hasn't really been slowed down, but teams have cut into his production but not allowing either Connor Wood or Sefo Liufau the time to get him the ball.

5. I had the pleasure of watching Sefo Liufau in the WA state championship game a year ago when he squared off against Max Browne. In that game I loved what he did and thought he looked like the better QB on the field. How has he performed this year, and what are the expectations for him going forward?
So far this season Sefo has looked pretty damn good. He's confident and spreads the ball around well. If there's one area he's lacking it's that his run game hasn't been quite what we had expected. Chances are good that he could be the quarterback in Boulder for the next couple of seasons. His leadership skills seem to be off the charts for a true freshman and he looks like he has the talent to take this team to the next level.

6. What's your prediction for this game?
I do buy into the Buffs continual improvement but I still don't think they are ready for this big of a road win. 38 - 21 Huskies.

Thanks to Jon Woods for answering our questions.

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