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Dot...Dot...Dawg (Where Ya' Been, Gekko Edition)

The Gekko returns from his work-imposed exile with some Dots to get you through the day.


Sorry for my absence, folks.  The paying job sometimes commands a little extra effort and, for some reason, I can't always find somebody to step in.  Curious.

Question of the Day

This is the time of year that Football and Basketball begin to share the headlines.  Since we are still in the throes of a BYE week, let me ask you this:  what are your expectations for the Husky Men's Bball team this year?  NCAAs?  NIT?  Something less?  Personally, I think there is a lot more opportunity for balanced scoring.  But I worry about our defense - particularly in the interior.  If this team is going to go anywhere, it is going to have to come from an efficient and consistent inside-out offense.  That said, I think this is a fringe NCAA team and one that is being undersold by the Pac 12 writers.