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Five Questions for the Huskies: The Apple Cup

The potency of the run game, Connor Halliday, coming home to Husky Stadium, UW rushing records, and going out with a bang are some of this week's questions.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

1. Can the run game be as potent? Just because Cyler Miles himself didn't run for big yardage doesn't mean he didn't have a big role in opening up running lanes. Will WSU be more prepared for it than OSU was if he starts? If Keith Price starts, can the Huskies retain their effectiveness in the run game?

2. Which Connor Halliday shows up? He has been pretty good of late, but he has also had a number of pretty terrible games over the course of the season. If the "bad Connor" shows up, it's hard to see the Cougs having much chance at all.

3. How friendly are the confines? The Huskies are a really good home team, and it'll be nice to return to Husky Stadium after a couple weeks on the road. The two previous Apple Cups Steve Sarkisian coached in Seattle were won by a combined score of 68-21.

4. Does Bishop Sankey get his records? He's within striking distance of the UW single season yardage and career TD records, and is expected to get them against Washington State. However, a year ago the Cougars held him to just 84 yards on 26 carries.

5. Do the seniors go out with a bang? This will be the last game in Husky Stadium for Sean Parker, Kevin Smith, Will Shamburger, Greg Ducre, Keith Price, Travis Coons, Princeton Fuimaono, Tre Watson, and a handful of others. I'm sure they all want to leave her with fond memories.