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The good, the bad and the unknown: Oregon State

The Huskies have one of their best games in recent history in Corvallis.

Steve Dykes

The Good

Everything - Wow, remember those recent blowouts of Washington where it seemed like everything went wrong for Washington and everything right for the opponent? One of those finally happened in Washington's direction.

Marcus Peters - I don't know if I can think of the last time a Husky defensive player had as good of a game as Peters had Saturday. Six tackles, two interceptions, a forced fumble and recovery and three pass break ups - unreal - and then combine that with the fact that he held Brandin Cooks in check whenever he lined up against him and Peters looks like he could become the best cornerback to ever play at Washington.

Have to throw some credit to the rest of the Husky defensive backs as well as Sean Mannion pretty much never had anyone open all game.

Running backs - It was just another day in the office for Sankey with 179 yards and three touchdowns, but epic performances from Deontae Cooper and Dwayne Washington were astounding. Cooper and Washington looked like they could bust a touchdown run every time they touched the ball, and don't forget about Jesse Callier for his great blocking performance.

Offensive and defensive lines - The Huskies knew that their advantage would be up front on both sides of the ball and they more than took advantage of it. I can't remember the last time the Huskies owned an equal-level Pac-12 opponent on the lines as well as they did against the Beavers. They protected Cyler Miles with ease, opened up huge holes for running backs and, on defense, were after Mannion all day.

A Pac-12 road win! A Pac-12 road win! The seemingly ungraspable accomplishment of beating a Pac-12 team on the road, let alone a bowl-eligible one was finally accomplished in a big way. Another fun monkey off the back is that the Huskies won in the state of Oregon for the first time since 2003.

The Bad

Nothing - Not going to complain when there is no reason to.

The Unknown

Keith Price? - The starting quarterback decision came down to the wire and Price looked active on the sidelines, so you have to think that his chances of being healthy enough to start his final home game are good. Still, I don't think Steve Sarkisian will put Price out there if he doesn't offer the Huskies the best chance of winning, and regardless, you have to wonder if he will be able to withstand more than a hit or two if he does make the start.

Were the Huskies that good, or were the Beavers that bad - You want to give the Husky players and coaches all the credit that you can for how well they played against the Beavers, but when a game is that lopsided, you really have to wonder what was up with Oregon State, especially since it was senior night.

The Cougars - It took a little longer than many Cougar fans thought it would, but the Cougars have become a contender in the Pac-12 under Mike Leach and that's a scary thought to consider when you add in the factor that they always seem to play well above their heads in the Apple Cup. With that in mind, Friday's game could be a very tough one. However, it always seems like the Cougars' performance in the Apple Cup is the opposite of what their momentum was going into the game. If they come in confident, they usually fall flat, but if they come in beaten, they surprise and pull it out. Which Cougar team will show up this year?

Bowl destination - It's not yet written in stone, but the Huskies almost assuredly are headed to a bowl, but which one? With how much of a jumble the Pac-12 is this year, I could see the Huskies ending up in a wide spectrum of bowls - win or lose the Apple Cup. Right now though, I think the best could be the Sun Bowl (even though I hate that bowl) and the worst would be some random at-large bowl that they would have to be randomly selected for.