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Five Husky Takeaways: Oregon State

Tailback depth, Justin Wilcox vs your one dimensional offense, confidence at QB, a disappointing fact about Marcus Peters, and Kevin Smith going out with a bang are this week's takeaways.

Steve Dykes

1. The depth at tailback is phenomenal. A year ago we were bemoaning the lack of viable options behind Bishop Sankey. Now, it looks like the program may be at a point where it can just plug and play with its running backs. Amazing what some good recruiting along with staying healthy can do.

2. If you're going to play against a Justin Wilcox defense, you'd better have multiple dimensions. We've seen teams that can only run the ball get stymied by Wilcox's units (Stanford the last two seasons, Arizona this year before B.J. Denker became competent), and now it looks as if you can add teams that can only throw the ball in there as well.

3. I now have all the confidence in the world in Cyler Miles. He had a lot of adversity facing him on Saturday -- getting his first start, going on the road, playing a division rival, not knowing if he'd be starting until game day -- and he handled it all. Compared to what Keith Price did as a freshman in similar circumstances, it's easy to feel really good about the future of the QB position going forward.

4. Marcus Peters will not be an All American. But he should. If he had more hype and played for a "sexier" program he'd be an ironclad lock, but I doubt enough sportswriters are staying up past their bedtimes to see how good a season he's having.

5. How about Kevin Smith? This guy has been making highlight reel catches all season. I'm going to miss him a ton next year, and it really makes me wish that they'd have redshirted him last year (like they should have).

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