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Husky Game Awards: Oregon State

Marcus Peters was lights out, Cyler Miles to Kevin Smith, about time Sark, running back studs, more Cyler Miles, the defense punching Oregon State in the teeth, dominating a road conference opponent, and WTF did you do with the Pac-12 officials?

Steve Dykes

Player of the Game: Marcus Peters. Going up against one of the most explosive players in all of college football, he contained Brandin Cooks when they were matched up, then added two interceptions, and a forced fumble which he recovered to boot. You won't see many finer defensive performances than what Peters did to the Beavers.

Play of the Game: On their second drive of the game on first and ten from the Oregon State 41, Cyler Miles went over the top of the defense to Kevin Smith for 36 yards. Smith made a spectacular diving catch -- one of many he has made this year. What a senior season for Smith.

Goat of the Game: Steve Sarkisian, because where has this been.

Stat of the Game: 179/3, 166/2, and 141/2. Those are the rushing yardage and TD totals for Bishop Sankey, Deontae Cooper, and Dwayne Washington, respectively, as the Huskies ran for 530 yards. In the second half, the Huskies were legitimately just trying to run clock and handing the ball off up the middle, and the backups just kept breaking off huge runs.

Who Stepped Up: Cyler Miles. You can't ask a whole lot more from a guy making his first career start on the road. He did everything he had to do to keep the offense moving and ahead of the chains so that they could convert third downs. He finished with 188 combined rushing and passing yards combined and a touchdown, and very few mistakes.

The Game Tipped When: After their most explosive offensive play -- a 46 yard screen pass to Storm Woods -- the Beavers next plays went: 1 yard gain, no gain, 1 yard loss, delay of game, punt. It was overwhelmingly clear then that the defense was not messing around, and the Beavers were going to struggle to put up any sort of yardage against the Husky first unit.

It Was Over When: On third and short, Cyler Miles threw a play action pass to Kevin Smith for 28 yards and a score to go up 27-0. It was probably over before this, but once this play happened, all remaining nervousness from Husky fans vanished.

Surprise of the Game: It's one thing to win a game, but it's another thing completely to be this dominant on the road. This was the best the Huskies have played under Sarkisian, and for it to happen in an important conference road game against a rival says something.

WTF Moment of the Game: There were only 6 penalties, total -- like, on both teams combined -- in this game. With Glasses Ref calling the game!

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