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Five Husky Takeaways: UCLA

Early returns in offensive recruiting, tackling, bad coaching, poor ball control, and the worst call of the year.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

1. The youthful corps or the passing game is impressive. The Huskies landed the #1 QB class in the country two classes ago and the #1 WR class in the country last class. The players from those classes -- Cyler Miles, Damore'ea Stringfellow, Jaydon Mickens, John Ross -- look like they're going to be a nightmare for defenses, and not only down the road, but right now.

2. Tackling on defense still sucks. Every time the Huskies play a team with a pulse, it seems they miss tackle after tackle in the open field. Wasn't moving the offense to more spread and no huddle supposed to help with this in practice? What happened to that?

3. The offensive line and special teams are garbage, and at this point the only reason for it is coaching. If the guys you recruited on the offensive line -- who are now upperclassmen -- can't get it done, then it's on you. They can't all be recruiting failures. Likewise, if we're playing starters on special teams, yet UCLA is still able to get 4 guys tackling John Ross before he gets to the 15 yard line (also, there's a holding penalty, so not only did nobody get blocked, but what attempt there was at blocking was illegal) then what are you doing all week at practice?

4. As much as there were coaching mistakes, at a certain point the players have to make plays. And you can't have you two All Americans fumbling the ball on two straight drives to open the game.

5. Pac-12 officiating becomes a bigger joke on a weekly basis. I'm not going to blame it on for why the Huskies lost, but you will never see a worse penalty than the Dexter Charles hands to the face, and there's no disputing that it played a major role in the course of the game.