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Husky Game Awards: UCLA

Damore'ea Stringfellow's breakout night, the offensive line's same old story, Cyler Miles stepping up, losing Keith Price, missed opportunities in the second half, and WTF Pac-12 refs?

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Player of the Game: Damore'ea Stringfellow had a coming out party with 8 catches for 147 yards and a touchdown. If not for a bogus penalty, that stat line would have read 9 catches for 185 and 2 touchdowns. He had many impressive plays, but perhaps the most impressive was his touchdown, where he caught the ball and showed a not-to-be-denied type of attitude as he muscled his way into the end zone.

Goat of the Game: Gregory Ducre had two plays where he gave UCLA a free pass because he kept grabbing their receivers by the facemask. The offensive line, though, is the real winner of this award, as they could only power the team to a paltry 2.8 yards per carry due to sacks. The UW quarterbacks were (stop me if you've heard this one before) under duress all night.

Who Stepped Up: Cyler Miles, despite seeing his first real crunch time action and not being "the guy" coming into the game (meaning his practice reps running the game plan were limited) acquitted himself pretty well -- once Steve Sarkisian realized that he needed to take the training wheels off. It seemed the staff was unwilling to let Miles go very deep into the playbook initially until it was clear that they had to start moving the ball in chunks. On the first drive where they did, this happened: completion for 23 yards, pass interference for 15, Sankey for 6 yards, completion for 19 yards, completion for 3 yards, completion for 14 yards and a touchdown. Miles went 4/4 for 49 and a TD. The key was that this was still early enough in the 4th quarter where UW had the option of running if they needed or wanted to. Once it got to where everybody on the planet knew that UW had to pass, that's when the interceptions came. Overall, an encouraging performance from the freshman QB.

The Game Tipped When: Keith Price left the game due to injury. After the first two drives, the offense settled down and was doing pretty good when Price was running the show - and even on those two drives they were moving the ball. On the other five, the Huskies scored on three of them, and really it should have been four but refs.

It Was Over When: After UCLA pulled ahead 34-24, the Huskies had a chance to bring it back within a score on a FG. The FG was blocked, and UW could not draw within a score despite forcing UCLA to punt on their next two possessions.

Surprise of the Game: UCLA scoring on their first four drives. Their offense hadn't looked exceptional coming into this game, but even when the Huskies didn't help them out with turnovers, they still drove 74 then 73 yards for scores.

WTF Moment of the Game: The aforementioned call that called back String's touchdown. I cannot get over how horribly wrong that call was, and how much it changed the course of the game. Dexter Charles got called for illegal hands to the face without touching a the defensive player's face, and it took a score off the board.

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