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Washington Huskies at UCLA Bruins Second Half Thread

The first half started out slowly. The Huskies need to have their typical hot second half start.

Harry How

There were a ton of questionable calls that all seemed to go UCLA's way, and the Huskies helped the Bruins out by turning the ball over and doing dumb things on defense. If not for a questionable (read: wrong) hands to the face call on Dexter Charles, this would be a three point game.

Keith Price was knocked around to end the first half, and had trouble throwing the ball on the sideline. If he can't go, the second half could be a struggle. Or it could be the perfect time for Cyler Miles to make a statement.

Damore'ea Stringfellow!

Myles Jack Myles Jack'd and his Myles Jack to Myles Jacking the Myles Jack into the Myles Jack. No Myles Jack on whether Myles Jack has Myles Jacked a Myles Jack Myles Jack for the Myles Jack. There may or may not be other players in this game.

The second half is imminent. Join us below.