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Five Questions for the Huskies: UCLA

Containing Brett Hundley, imposing the offense's will, ASJ's production, the hidden yardage game, and building off of two blowout victories are this week's questions.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

1. Can the Huskies contain Brett Hundley? Against Marcus Mariota, the Huskies were burned repeatedly by his scrambling. Hundley offers a similar challenge, and will gash the UW defense if it gets out of position.

2. Will the offensive line impose their will? The Huskies are going to need to have all aspects of their offense clicking and that starts up front. Blocking a guy like Anthony Barr is a challenge for even the best of offensive lines, and if the Dawgs are not up to it he could wreak havoc all night.

3. What kind of game does Austin Seferian-Jenkins play? If he plays like he did agains Colorado, it won't really matter how UCLA defends against him. Open or not, Price will be able to throw him the ball and he'll come down with it. If he has an absentee game, it's going to tighten things up on every other one of UW's offensive players.

4. Who wins the hidden yardage game? In most Husky games this season, it has been the other team. Special teams and turnovers need to give the Huskies help so that they're not having to go 80 yards every time they put points on the board.

5. Were the last two games building blocks? Was romping Cal and Colorado a product of how bad those two teams were, or was the fashion in which UW did it something to be encouraged about? If the Huskies can take that level of execution into the Rose Bowl they could have a great night.