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The good, the bad and the unknown: Colorado

Not much bad in a 59-7 destruction of Colorado.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Everything - I know that this game was against a putrid Colorado team, but even with that accounted for, the Huskies played almost perfectly and everything seemed to go their way. I can't remember the last conference games where they Huskies obliterated a team in every facet of the game in the way that the Huskies did Saturday.

Keith Price - Price takes a ton of flack for usually not rising to the occasion when facing a good team, but boy does he in games that the Huskies know they are going to win. Price capped off an incredibly impressive career against Colorado and looked like he was having about as much fun leading the Husky offense as he has all season.

Big play defense - Even with their recent improvements under Justin Wilcox, it seems like the Husky defense has really suffered from a lack of big play ability and before Colorado, I can't even remember the last time the defense scored a touchdown against an FBS opponent. With that in mind, it was very refreshing to see not one, but two interceptions returned for touchdowns.

The Bad

Not much, just a couple I guess...

Penalties - The Huskies were flagged six times and it wasn't so much the number it was that they were mostly unforced and hurt scoring drives. Once again, these kind of penalties are fine when you are playing Colorado, but they can't keep cropping up in the next three games if the Huskies hope to finish the final gauntlet of games on a positive note.

Colorado - I know that a lot has been made of Colorado's improvement under Mike McIntyre and they played hard, but they looked a lot worse than I anticipated. They looked almost as bad as Idaho State and had Paul Richardson not played early and had Sarkisian not completely taken the foot off the pedal early, this could have been a 70-0 win for the Huskies.

The Unknown

Ready for the road? We've seen this too many times under Sarkisian to be fooled now - the Huskies look great against less-than-stellar opponents at home to stem the tide of pressure only to have it be unleashed when the Huskies go on the road and get slaughtered by a good, but not great Pac-12 opponent. History and logic would suggest that we are about to move onto the next page of this neverending cycle next week at UCLA, but the Bruins are far from spectacular and if the Huskies can play to the level that they should, they should at least be competitive in the Rose Bowl Friday night. Can they finally break the cycle?

Steve Sarkisian - I have a feeling that this is the final lull of the Sarkisian era in regards to how he is viewed. We know that he can lead a team to the lower edge of bowl eligibility and beat inferior teams at home, but now it is time to prove it on the road and break past that seven-win ceiling or fail.

Running the gauntlet - We knew that this was going to come... the success of the Huskies' season is going to come down to these final three games, particularly the two on the road and the one at UCLA might be the most important of all. The Huskies' mantra has been "Finish" and now it is the time that they must do just that, these three games are going to decide whether or not they finish 7-6 yet again (or possibly worse), or if they break through as they should and take a step forward.