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Five Husky Takeaways: Colorado

Tuning up against Colorado off of the bye, the playmakers in the secondary, Marvin Hall, ASJ, and another step on the road.

Otto Greule Jr

1. Tuned Up. The Huskies used the bye to play as good a game against a BCS foe as you're likely to ever see out of them. How much of it was Colorado and how much was UW we'll never know, but it's nice to know that coming off of a bye Steve Sarkisian is going to have the Dawgs ready to go.

2. The Ballhawking Secondary. This UW secondary is as good at forcing turnovers as it has been in a long long time. Marcus Peters is a stud, and Sean Parker has taken another step forward -- as he has done every year -- and seems to have a much better nose for the ball than in his first three years.

3. Kasen Who? No, we're not going to forget about Kasen Williams, and his presence will definitely be missed over the next four games. But Marvin Hall got open several times in replacement of Williams, and if not for an overthrow by Keith Price would have had a really nice stat line.

4. Speaking of Replacing Kasen... the coaching staff used Austin Seferian-Jenkins in a more diverse role than we've seen this year, lining up at tight end, slot and on the outside. His improved play will also mitigate the loss of Williams. All thee of his catches occurred with a defender draped over him in coverage, and it's a nice luxury to have a guy that Price can just throw it up to and have come down with it more often than not.

5. Keep Choppin Wood. 1 game down, 3 to go.