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Husky Game Awards: Colorado

Marcus Peters and Sean Parker were impressive, a little bit of rustiness on the offensive line, the Dawgs locking the game up early, scoring on defense, and WTF Sark, take the points.

Otto Greule Jr

Player of the Game: Marcus Peters was the central figure to the defense scoring two touchdowns. First, he knocked a Sefo Liufau pass into the air where Tre Watson was able to get under it and then house it. Then, he recovered a fumble that Josh Shirley forced and took it 53 yards for a score.

Goat of the Game: Dexter Charles, in his first action in four weeks, was a bit rusty and committed some regrettable penalties early in the game that hamstrung the offense a bit. It's picking nits a bit though, because the team as a whole played well and nobody was noticeably bad.

Who Stepped Up: Sean Parker filled the stat sheet, notching his first sack of the year in addition to his fourth interception of the year. The sack was the catalyst that got the UW defense back on track after giving up Colorado's only touchdown on a long pass to Paul Richardson.

The Game Tipped When: Faced with a first and 16 on their second drive of the game, the Huskies picked up chunks to convert for a first down and cap the drive with a Bishop Sankey touchdown. The Dawgs getting into the endzone instead of allowing the penalty to derail them into settling for a field goal gave them a lead to build upon.

It Was Over When: On second and nine from Colorado's 18, Keith Price dropped back to pass, saw nobody open and scrambled up the middle. He trucked a Buffalo safety on his way into the endzone and gave the Huskies a 24-7 lead. If it wasn't already clear before that, Price made a statement that he was not going to be stopped in this game and the Huskies never looked back.

Surprise of the Game: UW scoring two defensive touchdowns since November 9th, 2002 against Oregon State. A nice surprise indeed.

WTF Moment of the Game: On fourth and three from the Colorado nine, the Huskies went for it. They apparently were looking to throw the ball into the end zone, but the play ended when Price threw the ball away. I think they should have kicked it and taken the points in that situation and gone up 20-7, but if they were going to go for it the playcalling left something to be desired.

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