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Midweek Debate: Penalties or Special Teams

Both penalties and special teams have hampered the Huskies at times this season. Which is the bigger problem?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In a conference of idiot officials who penalize all teams heavily, the Huskies have become king. They're penalized at seemingly every opportunity, to the point where against Stanford it seemed as if there were times when the refs threw flags in the event that there could possibly be a penalty (and they'd figure out what it was later) and that the refs decided they needed to explain plays where there weren't penalties on the Huskies. It may have seemed this way because that's exactly what happened. Surely the Huskies are not free of blame here and have some things to clean up. Their penalties are regularly wiping out big plays and putting them in bad situations on both sides of the ball.

Special teams have been wildly inconsistent. The return game was supposed to be a point of emphasis heading into this year, but after five games the motley crew of returners gets rotated in and out on a whim, (probably) based on which player has gone longest without screwing up -- and then that player screws up and they start the whole thing over. Now the coverage teams can't kick the ball where it needs to go and the guys running after the ball can't stay in their lanes and converge on a ballcarrier. The field goal block unit has had some bright spots with some blocked kicks early, the fake punt against Stanford was sweet, and the field goal unit has been outstanding, so it hasn't all been bad, but these up and downs finally caught up with the Dawgs and bit them when they met up with Stanford.

So the question this week, is is you could clean up one of either penalties or special teams which would it be? Would you rather the Huskies kick coverage teams become an average unit, or would you rather the Huskies only commit an average number of penalties for an average number of yards? Keeping in mind of course, that we can't change the past. Which would you rather have going forward for the rest of the season going forward?

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