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Husky Drive Efficiency vs Stanford

Believe it or not, the drive efficiency for the Huskies resembles what the Huskies have been putting together for the majority of the season, only to a lesser extent.

Stephen Lam

Yet another game where the Huskies got killed in field position. They started every single drive deep in their own territory and made life hard on their offense.

Also another game where the offense struggled in the first half. Starting the game off with five straight punts is going to dig yourself a hole against any elite team.

The third drive was a 2 play punt series due to an illegal touching penalty that resulted in a loss of downs, so that's why that looks weird.

Like the offense, the defense took until the second half to really turn it up, though they were able to mask letting Stanford move the ball a bit by forcing a couple of turnovers early. They didn't force a three and out until the second half, though the three-and-outs they did force were critical and kept the team in the game.

The defense was helped out here by the special teams failings and field position. If Stanford had driven full fields on some of their scoring drives the defensive numbers would not look so good. You could say though, that if Stanford had been forced to go full fields the defense may not have given up as many points.